Team Shield

Our mission is to serve the State of California at the direction of the Governor and the Adjutant General by providing a highly trained and disciplined rapid response force to augment state and local government in the response, management and mitigation of an all hazards situation or multiple occurrences in times of emergency.  Such as fires, floods, earthquakes or public emergencies.

Our unit provides force protection of and for designated locations, critical infrastructure, assets and personnel including dignitaries. We provide a force multiplier in times of emergency for evaluations, area security, fixed point security, access control, and road block/checkpoint.

Team shield


The Emergency Response Command: TEAM SHIELD specializes in Mutual Aid response in support and augmentation of local law enforcement or local county or municipal governments at the direction of the Governor and the Adjutant General for the State of California. Additionally, this elite team augments the California National Guard, Security Forces (SECFOR), as requested.

In certain deployments, TEAM SHIELD will support CSG/ERC Team Blaze in support of deployed personnel and assets.

Our unit provides force protection of and for designated locations, critical infrastructure, assets and personnel including dignitaries.

Join Us


TEAM SHIELD embraces espirit de corps with every member contributing their strengths to the success of the unit and mission. First and foremost, the most important asset that any one individual can bring to this unit is the willingness to serve and put one’s self before others. With military training and discipline coupled with specific skills training, the ERC: TEAM SHIELD becomes an elite, rapid response team to assist with disaster mitigation.

Prior military service members and retired law enforcement professionals will have the opportunity to wear the uniform once again in service to others and contribute to a purpose for the greater good in our communities. For others who desire to serve or are seeking a path into public service, joining Team Shield will provide tremendous training and operational experiences.

Shared Knowledge

We are seeking highly motivated people who understand what it means to help others in times of crisis. Our members understand that timely and disciplined emergency management is a critical component to overcoming the shock of disasters and resuming normalcy to impacted communities. By being a highly trained member of TEAM SHIELD, you become part of the solution to overcoming the adversity and anxiety that disaster often brings with it.



TEAM SHIELD is dedicated to training members in real life situations. By being prepared in a highly motivated and disciplined environment, the skills associated with crisis response, management, and mitigation transfer to all aspects of society. Many of todays leaders in society are seeking highly trained and disciplined people who have demonstrated that they can work in a team environment under adverse conditions.

You will also learn how to network with people and organizations to accomplish goals and achieve success in your personal and professional endeavors, in addition to training and education in military bearing, law enforcement techniques, weapons and use of force training.


The leadership of TEAM SHIELD provide educational support and physical skills qualifications to members in readiness of deployment (Firearms familiarization and qualifications; Basic and Advanced First Aid; Knowledge and familiarization to disaster deployments including roles and responsibilities: Basic and Advanced Incident Command System and structure).



TEAM SHIELD serves as a resource to the California Military Department and the California Office of Emergency Services. As such over the last few years, fires, floods and earthquakes have devastated parts of this state and the need for highly trained personnel to assist in times of disaster has grown.

Recent Activities

  • Guarding Air Force One
  • Guarding the Adjutant General
  • Guarding Government Officials
  • Guarding various military installations.


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