Team Blaze

Team Blaze exists to augment and support the State of California’s fire service, enhance the capabilities and further the mission of the California State Guard. We will fight fire aggressively, providing for safety first. We will protect lives and property. We will not leave anyone behind.

Team Blaze


Team Blaze specializes as a Type II fire line handcrew, ready to respond to any area of California when needed. While fire response is our primary mission, Team Blaze is prepared to assist with any major disaster, natural or manmade that impacts the citizens of California.

Join Us


Team Blaze is looking for people who are interested in becoming volunteer firefighters. This is a unique opportunity to join a new and elite team of firefighters. You can be apart of this team and spend this fire season on the fire line. We provide training, good pay when deployed, and an opportunity to serve your community. As part of the mission of the CSG, volunteers respond to all manners of natural and man-made disasters. As the threat of wildland fire grows, the need for more firefighters has increased. The CSG has a unique opportunity for those who want to be part of the solution to this serious problem.

If you are interested in:

● Becoming a firefighter

● Responding to the largest fires in the state

● Camaraderie

● Receiving training and certification in firefighting that will allow you to pursue a career in the fire service

● Earn a military wage while on orders

● Receive Military training and experience

● Leadership training

● Educational Benefits – up to 100% of tuition and fees at a University of California, California State School or a Community College

● Become a member of an elite team



Team Blaze encourages people with Fire, EMS or emergency management experience to apply, but welcomes anyone physically fit and motivated to learn the craft of the Fire Service. Due to the work that we do, people who join Team Blaze should be comfortable with deployments of up to 30 days, and high training standards.


Members of Team Blaze will get to experience the best of both, Fire Service training, and Military Training. We are seeking people who want to be Solider/ Firefighters. All of our training is transferable to a career in Fire Service, EMS or Emergency Management. The real world experience of being out on the fire line, on some of California’s largest fires is invaluable. The military leadership training one receives will help people be successful in any career and in any leadership role.
Hand crew and wildland firefighting certificates, EMS training and ICS training are some of the certificated training you will receive.



  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Earthquakes
  • Natural Disasters
  • Acts of Terrorism
  • Large Scale Evacuations


  • Dixie Fire (2021)
  • CZU Complex Fire (2020)
  • August Complex Fire (2020)
  • LNU Lightening Complex Fire (2020)
  • Kincade Fire (2019)
  • Camp Fire (2018)
  • Paradise Fire (2018)
  • Mendocino Complex (2017)
  • Carr Fire (2017)
  • Blue Cut Fire (2016)
  • Rocky Fire (2015)
  • Operation Lightning Strike (2008)

Team Blaze IN ACTION


CSG hand crew on fire lines